Get informed and be electro-safe
Get informed and be electro-safe

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Action on Wireless and Radiation Exposure (AWARE) is a campaign group run entirely by volunteers concerned about the growing health impacts of electro-smog (electrical pollution from radiofrequency radiation and electro-magnetic fields) in our environment.


AWARE was set up in November 2016 by Fiona Williams and Vanessa Williams-Grey As parents, we were particularly concerned about our children's exposure to radiofrequency or microwave radiation,  from Wi-Fi in schools but also from mobile phones, mobile phone masts and all wireless devices including cordless phones and smart meters (currently being heavily promoted in the media and by the government).


Our aims are to raise awareness about the dangers of wireless and other radiation in our everyday environment, and take action to reduce exposure, in order to protect the most vulnerable first, but ultimately to protect us all.


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Fiona's story

AWARE campaign in Bath, UK

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