Get informed and be electro-safe
Get informed and be electro-safe

The AWARE campaign in Bath, UK

Origins of the campaign

AWARE founder, and parent, Fiona Williams originally raised her concerns about Wi-Fi in her children's schools (St Saviour's Infants and Juniors, Larkhall, Bath) in the summer of 2015. See Fiona's story.

From 2016-2017, Fiona, and fellow parent Vanessa Williams-Grey, researched information on the health impacts of Wi-Fi exposure and met regularly with head teachers and staff at both  schools.

This involved a joint working party of governors at both schools and resulted in a change to both schools’ health and safety policies. The schools recognised the need for a precautionary approach and agreed to timed switch-offs, with the Infants activating Wi-Fi on just two afternoons a week (later increasing to two days) and the Juniors trialling a timed switch-off over 1.5 days.

The policy has continued to be followed at the Infants school since the spring of 2016, with occasional exceptions when the head teacher has authorised an over-ride.

However, the Juniors has reverted to continuous Wi-Fi exposure. The main reason for this is the staff requirement for constant access to wireless internet on their laptops. All the classrooms are wired and the children do not have tablets. Thus, the Wi-Fi is entirely for staff use.

Involving the local Council

Fiona and Vanessa gained the support of their local councillor. She corresponded with the public health team at Bath & North East Somerset Council to ask if they could alter their policy on Wi-Fi safey in schools to limit children's exposure. They confirmed that they had no position on the issue, leaving it up to the head teachers of individual schools to decide.

Their response repeated the guidance from Public Health England that "there is no consistent evidence of health effects from RF [radiofrequency] exposures below guideline levels."

However, click here for information about why these guideline levels are misleading.

In November 2016, Fiona and Vanessa set up the AWARE campaign as they felt more had to be done to inform the wider community including parents, staff and the children themselves about the health risks of microwave radiation.


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