Get informed and be electro-safe
Get informed and be electro-safe

Vanessa's story

I had some health problems in the mid-1990s (glandular fever and chronic fatigue). Careful management means that nowadays, I am generally fit and healthy, but having those conditions led me to take a closer look at my diet, lifestyle and surroundings as I am a great believer in self help.

Until a few years ago, I instinctively avoided using mobile phones and Wi-Fi but their sheer convenience and the fact that everyone seems to communicate this way means that it is almost impossible to bypass these technologies completely - however, I try not to use my phone for calls and either text, or use a landline.

Having two sons - one of whom is a teenager, and both of whom are keen gamers - means that making changes in our household has at times required negotiation; however, an easy compromise has been to turn our Wi-Fi off at night via a pre-programmed timer which cost under £15 online. This at least gives our sleeping bodies some respite from Wi-Fi, which would otherwise be on 24/7. Interestingly, neither son has complained and both seem to sleep more soundly! 

I'm uneasy at what feels like the stealthy roll-out of Wi-Fi in classrooms, since the signal can be so much stronger than in the home environment, and neither parents nor children have any control over exposure. It seems that schools blithely set their Wi-Fi to be on constantly and seem unaware of  - or reluctant to consider - potential health risks.





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