Get informed and be electro-safe
Get informed and be electro-safe

Ten easy steps to protect yourself and your family

1. Turn Wi-Fi off at night - cheap timers that switch off the power to your modem automatically are available online and from high street shops. These timers will not affect the performance of your Wi-Fi in any way.

2. Download, rather than use live streaming, and then watch with the Wi-Fi turned off.

3. Don't stand in front of your microwave when it's switched on and keep children at a safe distance, preferably out of the room.

4. Never place your tablet or laptop on your body. (Despite the name, it's not safe to keep it on your lap.) For what constitutes a safe distance, read the small print from all major manufacturers of mobile phones and wireless devices.

5. Use a hands-free kit or headset with your mobile phone and keep calls as brief as possible.

6. Keep your mobile phone in a protective case in your bag, not close to your body.

7. Put your mobile phone on 'airplane mode' or turn off at night time - ideally place it at least a metre away from your bed.

8.Don't charge your mobile phone at night (it is also a fire hazard).

9. Consider getting rid of your smart meter if you have one and replacing with an analogue version. Remember that, legally, you do not have to accept a smart meter, despite what the energy companies may tell you. Find out facts about the health risks from smart meters.

10. Unplug your cordless phone at night (cordless phones are significant sources of microwave radiation) and consider getting one or more wired landline phones instead.




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