Get informed and be electro-safe
Get informed and be electro-safe

5G dangers affect humans, animals, insects and trees

Sample letter re 5G
Sample letter re 5G
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The 5G rollout has started, with test sites and trials taking place around the UK in cities such as Gateshead and Bristol.


5G or Fifth Generation wireless technology continues to make use of the frequencies used in 4G which are up to 6 gigahertz but will gradually add on much higher frequencies known as millimeter waves (from 6 to 100 gigahertz and beyond).


The telecomms industry has promoted 5G as bringing faster speeds for downloading movies, using augmented and virtual reality, and enabling the Internet of Things where mobile phones and wireless devices are linked to smart appliances and objects in our homes, smart streets, smart cities and driverless cars. This is part of a wider agenda enabling alleged convenience, efficiency and improved surveillance.


But is such technical gimmickry really justified given the risks to human health, wildlife and the environment from this untested technology?


What are the heatlh risks from 5G?

Millimeter waves are used in crowd control weapons and damage the skin, eyes and nervous system.  In March 2018, Professor Martin Pall (Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University) provided extensive evidence to the EU regarding harm caused by non-ionizing radiation including 5G. 


Health effects include changes to DNA, miscarriage and infertility, neuropsychiatric disorders such as anxiety and depression, neurological disorders such as Alzheimers, diabetes, and cancer.


A review of peer reviewed scientific studies into the biological effects of 5G shows that a combination of lower and higher frequencies can damage DNA, increase bacteria growth and cause cancer. 


This technology has not been tested for its health effects and therefore the rollout is in breach of the Nuremberg Code 1947 - a legally binding code of ethics. preventing experimentation on human subjects without their informed consent.


Oppostion to 5G around the world

As at March 2019, 247 independent doctors and scientists from around the world, experts in their field, have signed an appeal calling for tighter regulation on electro-magnetic fields and wireless radiation to protect human health. Over 180 scientists are now calling for a moratorium on the 5G rollout.


Towns and ciities around the world including Brussels, Rome, and Mill Valley, California, USA  have blocked the 5G rollout on public health grounds.


What will the 5G rollout look like?

Due to its use of higher frequencies, 5G has a much shorter range and will require thousands of small cells and antennas to be positioned in residential areas, using existing street furniture e.g. streetlights, lamposts and bus-stops. This will expose the general population to unprecdented levels of microwave radiation.


Recent changes to planning laws mean that it will be very difficult for individuals to prevent these cells and antennas from being installed in their streets or even on the walls of their homes.


Impact on trees, insects, and wildlife

The EKLIPSE report, funded by the EU to monitor and formulate policy into biodiversity, reviewed 97 studies into the effects of microwave radiation on wildlife and concluded that the 5G rollout presented a major threat to insect and bird navigation and migration systems, as well as trees and plantlife.


Studies already show that radiofrequency radiation is directly linked to tree deaths and colony collapse disorder in bees


Furthermore, mature trees are already being felled to make way for 5G infrastructure - a paper from the University of Surrey clearly states that trees interfere with the smooth operation of the network.


What can we do about it?


1. Write to your local Councillors and MP urgently expressing your alarm regarding 5G and urging them to advocate for a halt to the rollout pending a thorough independent investigation into its effects on human health, wildlife and the environment. 


2. Sign the current petition to the Government to halt the rollout of 5G.


3. Don't upgrade your phone, devices or Wi-Fi router as new models are likely to be 5G enabled.


4. Don't replace your existing appliances with smart versions. Instead of buying a smart TV, consider buying a large computer monitor and disabling smart features.


5. Inform everyone you know of the risks from the 5G rollout.


6. If you belong to a wildlife charity e.g.WWF or RSPB write to them expressing your concern about the impact of 5G on wildlife.


7. Consider investing in shielding materials for your home - see Electricsense for practical suggestions.


Further information:

Physicians Health Initiative for Radiation & Environment (PHIRE) - UK

Environmental Health Trust USA






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